“You give them something to eat.” (Lk 9:13)

What is it

Our Parish has established a program called FIVE LOAVES AND TWO FISH. Its objective is to promote community care services and the sharing of resources with the homeless, street cleaners and others in need in Yuen Long area.

Who can join

  • All are welcome. Family units (spouses, parents and children) are especially welcome!

What we do

  • For the time being we are going out to visit on Fridays at night. We gather in the Parish (Room 009) at 7:45PM and leave at around 8PM, after having distributed supplies to all groups.
  • We hope that more people will join, so that we can do visiting on other days and times of the week. We need your help!
  • There will be a storage cabinet set permanently next to to grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes at the entrance of the Church. Inside there will be food and other items, so that anyone in may come and get according to their needs.


You may donate cash, supermarket coupons or meal coupons, masks, handrub, mosquito scent, towels, cookies, canned food.

For donations, please approach the parish office during office hours.

– Office hours –

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM / 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Sundays: 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Parish office will remain closed during public holidays


Pope Francis says that there are three messages we can understand from this event in the life of Our Lord:


Pope Francis said: “Compassion — which Jesus feels — is not simply feeling pity; it’s more! It means to suffer with, in other words to empathize with the suffering of another, to the point of taking it upon oneself. Jesus is like this: he suffers together with us, he suffers with us, he suffers for us. And the sign of this compassion is the healing of countless people he performed. Jesus teaches us to place the needs of the poor before our own. Our needs, even if legitimate, are not as urgent as those of the poor, who lack the basic necessities of life. We often speak of the poor. But when we speak of the poor, do we sense that this man or that woman or those children lack the bare necessities of life?”


“Jesus reasons with God’s logic, which is that of sharing. How many times we turn away so as not to see our brothers in need! And this looking away is a polite way to say, with white gloves, “Sort it out for yourselves”. And this is not Jesus’ way: this is selfishness. Had he sent away the crowds, many people would have been left with nothing to eat. Instead those few loaves and fish, shared and blessed by God, were enough for everyone. And pay heed! It isn’t magic, it’s a “sign”: a sign that calls for faith in God, provident Father, who does not let us go without “our daily bread”, if we know how to share it as brothers.”


“The miracle of the loaves foreshadows the Eucharist. It is seen in the gesture of Jesus who, before breaking and distributing the loaves, “blessed” them (Mt 14:19). It is the same gesture that Jesus was to make at the Last Supper, when he established the perpetual memorial of his Redeeming Sacrifice. In the Eucharist Jesus does not give just any bread, but the bread of eternal life, he gives Himself, offering Himself to the Father out of love for us. But we must go to the Eucharist with those sentiments of Jesus, which are compassion and the will to share. One who goes to the Eucharist without having compassion for the needy and without sharing, is not at ease with Jesus.”